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How electricianXchange Works

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electricianXchange's mission is to create the best employment outcomes for electricians vis-a-vis electrician jobs and the best labour cost efficiencies for electrical contracting companies undertaking electrical work, through the provision of an industry leading, web based, commercial, employment platform for electricians.

Some call us Electrician Exchange and others call us Electrician Xchange. Whichever way its called, it is
still the best platform to exchange, employ or find a job in electrical industry.

It is supported by Australia's premier industry body NECA
Victoria (National Electrical and Communications Association - based in Melbourne, Victoria).

NECA represents the interests of the electrical and communications contracting industry and is an industry body with close to 5,000 member organisations who in turn employ over 100,000 licensed electricians.

NECA's initial launch is catering to electricians in Melbourne and areas surrounding Melbourne with a roll-out in other parts of Australia to follow.

electricianXchange provides electrical contracting companies an avenue to manage electrician employment seamlessly whether the need for staff is on a permanent or temporary basis.

Click below, to see an infographic on how each of the "FIND A JOB", "POST A JOB" and "HIRE IN / OUT TEMP LABOUR" menu options works.