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My request as a female electrician working in Australia

I am a mature age female employed as an electrical apprentice in a masculine leading field.

Since a very young age I knew that my future would not be in a workplace bound by four walls, but outdoors getting my hands dirty and possessing a pair of unbreakable steel cap boots remained my vision.

Taking several opportunities in the method of study and employment I successfully completed courses and operated in areas of hospitality, corporate, retail and sport.

It took me a while to figure out what I loved but I always did say that the day I turn around and say - I detest my work - would be the last day in that job, considering a new path till I found what I loved.

I found myself doing that, almost every day up until the day I was offered a position in the electrical trade. The only thing I have to say every day now, is that I LOVE MY JOB.

This is the feeling that all women (and men) should be able to experience and not just have a thought about it.

In order for that to continue to occur, the following needs to be available:
  • Equal Opportunities for both genders
  • Guidance / Support
  • Leadership
  • Direction
  • Action
And while there is a lot of talk around equal opportunity for women in this industry, actions speak louder than words and what you see is different to what should be the norm. We have various convention and seminars where we have discussions encouraging equality. Everyone walks away feeling empowered from these regular occurrences, thinking something is going to be done.
But that’s where the action stops.

Because when you re-enter the actual industry as a female worker you can categorically see that nothing has changed.

There are too many individuals, male & female, terrified to speak against the blokey culture they speak against at conferences.

What is necessary is for the industry and this includes parliament, government authorities, unions, existing workers, workers newly entering in the industry, education departments, females, males and businesses in general; demanding equal involvement from both males and females.

This can only happen when both are treated evenly and equally.  

As a women electrician I encourage others to demand equality, uniform rights and entitlements and most importantly that this be actioned and based around the broader integrity we owe each other as human beings.

Everyone needs to be accountable for their actions.

We need to do this because as a society we need to show the generations to come that it’s not gender (or for that matter age or race) that will get you far within the workforce, but about giving each and every individual a fair go regardless of the diversity.

It will take strong leaders & teams to get behind this and enforce it. Individuals with passion, who support and encourage change. Who have a vision for the future of society with a strong belief that every individual is equally capable of performing tasks just like another, regardless of gender.

Everybody should be given the chance to develop their own success stories. So many dreams, goals and opportunities are not reached because after completing the relevant education (which is not cheap) women don’t have an equal opportunity to be what they want to be, given the current culture.

Let’s make a difference, being open to allowing everyone to have their own success story.

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Simon Paton, 5:29 PM. Saturday 2018 10th November

Very well said!! I totally agree 110%. There\'s currently a lot of talk about equal rights and equal numbers in Parliament. But this needs to be said within all industries.

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