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Gender equality in the workplace

The gender equality has been an issue in the every nation’s workplace over the past decades and every year the government as well as the organizations do specific actions to make the whole structure of gender equality to the demanded standards. Some of the plans worked some didn’t but this is the real dilemma and this is the prime issue that is needed to be solved with utmost care and in accordance with the law.

An extensive research and case study presented by many of the researchers, social welfare works specifically dedicated to the gender equality purposes have made quite an impact on the overall behavior of the gender equality in the structure and culture of various organizations all over the World.

The dilemma of gender equality in electrical service provider workplaces

Specifically talking about gender equality initiative measures in the electrical service provider workplace has its various ups and down. There are various issues that women have to deal with, some issues arise due to the behavior of the women, sometimes due to the workplace behavior of men towards women and sometimes on various other factors. 

Electrician job is a technical job and there are sure various issues that can arise as it is not a sophisticated office job and women have to perform a whole lot of technical procedures along with men. There are not a lot of women in the electric services industry but there sure is a fraction of the women that is working as electrician in various service provider companies.

The main issues women have to face in the technical workplace

There are various hurdles and issues women face in the technical workplace in almost every country, let’s take an example of Australia women workforce, the dilemma of Australia is that there is the most high education rate in the women but the their participation in technical or every other niche of work is comparatively a lot lower paid as compared to the men working at the same workplace as women. Not just Australia there are almost same issues in the United Sates and other continents too. But what are the basic issues that have the necessity to be solved in order to minimize the lower women satisfaction rate in specifically electrical service.

The perception of gender equality

The first dilemma is the perception of society on the gender equality. There is a hole in our society that hasn’t been filled effectively for the past decades and that is perception of women working alongside men and that is in need of change, woman can, should and must work so they can be independent and can live their life confidently, the technical workplace should accept them as a working individual but not as just a woman.

Unequal wages as compared to men

In the History and still in the present, in every department in the society has faced this issue especially in electric service department. Women are not paid as equal as men and a lot of protests have been done recently all around the globe just for the purpose of equal pay as men and some improvements in the societies have been observed.


Gender equality in both the education and in every niche of work allows the society to get its human force reach the full potential and become an aspiring and developed nation. Government and the companies’ owners must take productive and fair initiatives to solve this issue of gender inequality in the society.

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