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Career guidance for apprentices?

A question was asked to A-Grades as to what advice they would give apprentices.

While the video link below tells it in their own words, the summary of this is - if you have found what you love doing, which you'd do pretty much as a hobby, not because a boss told you to do it, something you woke up in the morning and wanted to do first thing and finish off with it as the last thing befoer you went to sleep - then give it 100%. You are very lucky to have found something you love. But if you have not and this is not how you feel - its ok. Just don't keep doing what you do not love. Make a change. The change may be doing something for a few week or a few months or a few years. But keep trying out different things till you find something you actually love doing.

Here is a video of the interviews around this topic with various A-Grades

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