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Growing Gains - Growing Pains


electricianXchange in conjunction with EmploySure is hosting a webinar next Thursday 19th August at 3.30pm on various topics critical for this industry.

The link to register for this webinar is at


In the electrical industry - what’s easier to make more money out of?

Increased salary or increased revenue?

It’s got to be increased revenue & increased margins given salaries can stagnate, particularly in times like this with COVID and other uncertainties.

Given increased revenue/margins – why doesn’t everyone start their own business?

As it turns out – in this industry many do.

Industry reports show that 50% of industry are one person operators and 97% are small businesses - with a net margin as low as 5.7%

Why's that?

Because running a business entails growing revenue, maintaining costs and managing risk.

But as a small to mid sized business:

  • Do you know where the next job comes from?
  • Can you manage staff up or down quickly?
  • Can you manage employment & other risks?
  • When you are getting staff; are you doing that inefficiently such as through labour hire, recruiters or job boards where you are literally burning cash?

That’s what the electricianXchange – EmploySure presentation next Thursday is all about.

Growing Gains – Growing Pains being the theme - where you can see how to grow your business / profits through electricianXchange and manage your risk through EmploySure.

You will learn how to grow using electricianXchange's free industry platform and learn to manage risks through EmploySure, countering risks such as:

  • Attention not put to well though out written contracts when taking on staff
  • Taking on someone as a sub-contractor – where it's regular employment, but treated as a subbie
  • Use of company / personal assets like working van / mobiles & potential issues
  • Bullying & harassment policies especially of apprentices
  • Travel time – part of the employment agreement or not?
  • Termination grounds & dismissal policies – and how they can come back to bite you
  • Overpayment / underpayment of wages & issues arising
  • EBA / Non-EBA related aspects to cover as an employer / jobseeker
  • New legal developments & impacts on businesses not understood (Labour licencing, CPD from 2023)

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