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Need to finish that job by the end of the year?

Are you an electrical contractor and rushing to find electricians so that you can meet your deadlines as Christmas approaches? Rushing to meet deadlines increases workplace risks, which can already be high where electrical work is concerned. WorkSafe Victoria reports that increased pressure at this time of year resulted in November and December accounting for 22.3 per cent of all workplace deaths in Victoria.1 Of course there is no substitute for being careful and managing work health and safety risks, particularly those specific to electrical work, but having more people power can spread out the workload and take some of the pressure off.


If you are stressed as a result of this, then look no further than ElectricianXchange, Australia’s leading jobs board and labour exchange website for electricians. This is the best labour efficiency module for electricians and for electrical contractors according to lots of electrical contractors who have already tried this site out.


The Secondment In / Secondment Out (Hire In / Hire Out) section of ElectricianXchange is the employer to employer labour exchange component of this web site allowing those employers who have excess staff to exchange them with other employers who need staff. It allows you to set your anticipated time frame for a job, which in this case would likely be from now until shutdown. This makes it an ideal way to bring on some extra hands to help your team finish up for the year, without having to hire new staff and then let them go if there’s a quiet start to the new year. Similarly, those who find themselves having a quiet period, could hire out some of their electricians, continuing to foster a sense of community within the electrical industry while also getting some cost recovery for their salary related fixed overhead.


Why not head into the holidays relaxed with some help from Electricianxchange? Register now and streamline the process of bringing on extra electricians so you can focus on doing what you do best.




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