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Various A-Grade's stories - David, Industrial Electrician

Picking up this thought from my previous blog, regarding my "why" in creating electricianXchange, I started talking to A-Grades and RECs regarding their "why" towards what they do.

  • About why did they get into this industry? 
  • What kept them going? 
  • What guidance did they have for those at the early stages of their career in this niche?

Here is David's story as a podcast - where he discusses his background, what prompted him to get into this field, what did he enjoy about being in this trade and what guidance did he have for those at the early stages of their journey?

The key learning ==> explore all your options to find out what you like - because in the broad variety of work available out there, there is bound to be something which will grab your interest.
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To explore your WHY - go to and explore all your options.

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