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Why is there such difficulty in locating A-Grades in Victoria?

The market for A-Grades has moved on and with Seek incorrectly conveying that the price range for A-Grades is at $35/hr; there is a disconnect between employers relying on that and A-Grades refusing to budge. I see an ignoring of this on a day-to-day basis with the employer reaching out at $35/$38. And the minimum of where A-Grades are engaging being at $40/hr.

The issues for the market shifting are:

  1. Increased demand for A-Grades, through new programs coming out such as (a) the VEET program (b) the compulsory safety checks in domestic properties needed through an A-Grade in Vic (c) solar on roofs and the demand for solar electricians. 
  2. Reduced supply due to (a) the reluctance of A-Grades to do solar because its such a transaction based industry churning literally widgets out; (b) 30% of the A-Grade demographic reaching the age of 50 years so supply of these senior A-Grades is disappearing from the work force or at least for most electrical work which is physically demanding (c) lower volumes of apprentices finishing their apprenticeship

This is resulting a wrong price signal and hence a dis-connect between demand and supply of employers and A-Grade electricians.

As a founder of a market place (electricianXchange) I am seeing transactions occurring daily and I have yet to see an A-Grade employed for less than $40 per hour. So the market has moved.

Increased demandReduced supply & the same price point being used.

Is it any wonder that the demand & supply are missing each other like passing ships?

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