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Working for labour hire? You can literally buy a van each year through what’s bleeding out

If you are working through a labour hire company or hiring an A-Grade through a labour hire company, you are bleeding $10-$20 of your hard-earned money to an intermediary you no longer need.

Firstly, let us do a simple calculation. There is 1,800 working hours in a year without doing overtime. If you are working via a labour hire company, they are taking at least $10 per hour for their “inter-mediation”.  I guarantee you this because any less and their model is unsustainable. Call me on 1300 353 364 and I will demonstrate this to you.

That’s 1,800 hours x $10/hour = $18,000 per year. This is the minimum they are extracting from you.

Let me put this to you another way. I talk to a lot of REC’s and they take $57/hour as the “normal” buy rate per hour from a labour hire company for an A-Grade electrician.

Now as the typical job seeker - are you getting $57/hour?

You’re typically getting $42 or $45 or $47 per hour plus super and allowance, right? (unless you are specialised in a niche like solar which is in high demand and then you’d get more but then the labour hire companies would also get more for you  - so the same logic applies)

That’s $10 to $15 which you don’t get and which the employer does not need to pay.

In the past you had no option. You needed work and labour hire put you in touch with employers.

Now through electricianXchange - employers look directly through electricianXchange at those who’ve created their profile and liaise directly on rates, dates, location, experience listed; liaising via SMSs through electricianXchange with you as the jobseeker.

It is totally free for you as the jobseeker and it’s the cost of a job ad for the employer but only when everything aligns between them and you. There is a reference check which follows the introduction electricianXchange facilitates and a credit note should upon interviewing you, things do not work out. So, they can go and find someone else but so can you – go and find another employer in this open market place.

There is no need for a labour hire company or any inter-mediation any more, given this market place that now exists between employer and you directly.

This is where you can claim back some of the $10 to $15 per hour.

Of course, if the employer is going direct, they will want a win too.

So, they may want the A-Grade at $52 per hour but you as the job seeker get a higher rate and they as the employer get a slightly lower rate than what they'd normally pay – both win.

Ultimately its real demand and real supply coming up with a real price to hire. No padding involved anymore.

Check electricianXchange out. Create your profile through this link – electricianXchange Direct

Incidentally if you want to talk to real life examples of A-Grades or Apprentices who have used electricianXchange recently and found work easily through us – ask please. We have lots of those using us, benefiting, who are happy to talk to others to tell them how easy the whole process was.

And we have real life people at electricianXchange itself able to answer any questions about your career, how best to create a profile, best rates to quote, how to make the most out of work, etc.

So just ask us through our 1300 353 364 number or via email on

Go on and re-claim what’s yours. And whether you spend this on a van or pay off more on your mortgage earlier – that’s totally up to you. But the possibility exists to get up to $18,000 of your money back each year by moving away from labour hire and directly on to electricianXchange. Think of the possibilities.

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