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Find applicants through a job board - what works and what does not

Online job portals have been around for a while and they don’t work so well.

Part of the reason they don’t work so well is that most of the “popular” job boards are generalist job boards. They generate volumes of resumes as accountants, chefs, electricians, engineers and others mull together in one melting pot searching and applying for jobs which may seem great to the job seeker but to the employer putting the ad out, is totally irrelevant. That’s why employers are turning off generalist job boards. In fact, to counter this mishmash of resumes being submitted, automated bots have come into existence, to sift through what are thousands of resumes with the bot looking for key words. This has sprouted a new industry of those who write resumes for job seekers looking to stuff their resumes with appropriate key words. But that too does not work. Because key word stuffing may (and that is a big MAY) get you to the second stage, but if this is not targeted or borders on gilding the lily, then you’re going to be knocked out in the first interview which eventuates.


This then takes us to specialist job boards. But specialist job boards do not have the critical mass to begin with, nor have the resources which large job boards have. So, they limp along with several being born each year and several dying each year, so there is never one which continues long enough to gain momentum.

But now there is a specialist jobs board for electricians called electricianXchange which is backed by NECA (National Electrical & Communications Association). NECA has been around in Australia for 103 years. It is financially a well backed industry association and has over the years done a lot to improve the standing of electricians through industry.

The benefit of electricianXchange is that it is focused. The jobs you find here are only electrician jobs. And the people who apply through this job board are electricians only. So, it’s easier to find each other.

Another benefit is that because it is in its early days, every employer is entitled to a free job post on electricianXchange. Free. Yes, all the advantage of having industry drive traffic to your job – at no cost to you to trial this out. And the second time when you come around to placing your job ad, the cost is about half of what you’d pay to the large generalist job sites. Plus, we can guide you in your job ad design, so you get the best out of your ad placed.

If you are looking for A Grade Electricians or CEC accredited electricians, come to electricianXchange and experience the difference.

Find a job, post a job or hire in temporary electricians through electricianXchange today.

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