Costs & Guarantees

electricianXchange has two pricing models.

One (as under) is where you use electricianXchange's platform directly as an automated service with no involvement by electricianXchange.

The other (where we quote to you before commencing any search on your behalf) is as a bespoke recruitment service. For this service we help with creating a catered recruitment strategy based on your business needs. We obtain / help develop differentiators for your business which we then pitch to prospective jobseekers targeted liaising with them via text, email and via phone calls at times convenient to the jobseekers including after work. This then moves to the interviewing stage for those pre-qualified using Teams / Zoom garnering our 30 year recruiting / interviewing experience, additionally being able to take on a set of questions from you which we ask the jobseekers on your behalf. With the jobseeker's permission we record these interviews and for those prospective jobseekers we feel qualify, present those to you with the full recordings. Upon listening to the recording you may choose to interview the prospective jobseekers yourself either via Teams/Zoom which we facilitate or directly based on your preference. We assist further with rate negotiations and employment contract sign-offs. We ensure the jobseeker starts work and that everything works out between both you and the jobseeker - with a 3 month replacement warranty should the jobseeker decide to leave or is let go by you for whatever reason. The fee for this is quoted by us prior to the work commencing and it is based on the difficulty / challenge of each individual hunt and your own differentiators / rate budgets / business dynamics which make attracting the right jobseekers for you easier or more challenging. Where we feel your rate budgets or business situation is such that its close to impossible to find someone, we will let you know this upfront and we may choose not to accept the assignment where we believe finding someone suitable under those circumstances is infeasible. The payment is made 50% when recordings listened by you progress to a jobseeker meet up with you either via Teams /Zoom / Directly via phone or face to face with the remaining 50% paid when employment contrats are signed off between the jobseeker and you as the employer.


Costs & Guarantees

Any questions about how to avail of this can be directed to us on 1300 353 364 or via email at

Our current fee structure is as under (all fees below excluding GST). 

Category Title

Introduction Fee

 (excludes GST)

Apprentice Electrician - 1st year adult  $          50  
Apprentice Electrician - 1st year with experience  $          50  
Apprentice Electrician - 1st year with no experience  $          50  
Apprentice Electrician - 2nd year  $          75  
Apprentice Electrician - 2nd year adult  $          75  
Apprentice Electrician - 3rd year  $         250  
Apprentice Electrician - 3rd year adult  $         250  
Apprentice Electrician - 4th year  $         650  
Apprentice Electrician - 4th year adult  $         650  
Auto Electrician  $         650  
Consultant  $         650  
Coordinator  $         650  
Electrical Inspector  $         650  
Electrician - with estimating experience $          650  
Electrician qualified - with commercial experience  $         650  
Electrician qualified - with data comms experience  $         650  
Electrician qualified - with domestic experience  $         650  
Electrician qualified - with HVAC experience  $         650  
Electrician qualified - with industrial experience  $         650  
Electrician qualified - with maintenance experience  $         650   
Electrician qualified - with management experience  $         650  
Electrician qualified - with mechanical skills  $         650  
Electrician qualified - with service experience  $         650  
Electrician qualified - with Solar experience  $         650  
Electrician qualified - with wind energy experience  $         650  
Engineer  $         650  
L Grade Electrician  $         650  
Manager  $         650  
Not an Electrician  $         650     
Other  $         650  
Project Manager  $         650  
Retired Electrician looking for casual work  $         650  
Sales / Management  $         650  
Student  $             0  
Technician $         650