Costs & Guarantees

electricianXchange is moving from the introductory "free-mium" pricing model establshed in 2018 (almost free relative to the service delivery & quality) to a more realistic pricing model, reflective of the service quality and speed relative to anything comparable on the market. The revised prices from 1ST JULY 2022 are as under.

Costs & Guarantees

All payments are made by credit card.

This platform is totally free to use for jobseekers or those looking for work in any capacity whether it is for permanent, sub-contract or work of a casual capacity.

electricianXchange charges employers a flat fee to be introduced to the individual jobseeker after everything aligns with the fee being equivalent to the cost of a premium job ad on the typical job boards found across Australia. 

This fee varies and is based on the scarcity of the skill set.

So A-Grades with CEC accreditation & solar experience have a higher introduction fee as compared to say a 1st year or 2nd year apprentice whose introduction fee is significantly lower, whereas for Students it is free.

The current fee structure is as under (all fees below excluding GST). You will notice that prices have increased since 1st July 2022 and that's to reflect the cost of production and delivery of this service and the precision with which this works:

Category Title

Introduction Fee

 (excludes GST)

Apprentice Electrician - 1st year adult  $          0  
Apprentice Electrician - 1st year with experience  $          90  
Apprentice Electrician - 1st year with no experience  $          0  
Apprentice Electrician - 2nd year  $        225  
Apprentice Electrician - 2nd year adult  $        225  
Apprentice Electrician - 3rd year  $        340  
Apprentice Electrician - 3rd year adult  $        340  
Apprentice Electrician - 4th year  $        400  
Apprentice Electrician - 4th year adult  $        400  
Auto Electrician  $        340  
Consultant  $        450  
Coordinator  $        450  
Electrical Inspector  $        450  
Electrician - with estimating experience $      1,500  
Electrician qualified - with commercial experience  $        450  
Electrician qualified - with data comms experience  $        450  
Electrician qualified - with domestic experience  $        450  
Electrician qualified - with HVAC experience  $        450  
Electrician qualified - with industrial experience  $        450  
Electrician qualified - with maintenance experience  $        450  
Electrician qualified - with management experience  $     1,500  
Electrician qualified - with mechanical skills  $        450  
Electrician qualified - with service experience  $        450  
Electrician qualified - with Solar experience  $     1,250  
Electrician qualified - with wind energy experience  $     1,250  
Engineer  $        450  
L Grade Electrician  $        340  
Manager  $        450  
Not an Electrician  $        340  
Other  $        340  
Project Manager  $     1,500  
Retired Electrician looking for casual work  $        340  
Sales / Management  $        500  
Student  $           -  (Nil)  
Technician $         340  


The fee is payable after dates, rates and all else is aligned & agreed to between the employer and the person looking for work - on a user pay principle.

Alternatively employers can purchase a 3-pack, 5-pack, 10-pack or 20-pack. Please approach electricianXchange separately to find out prices for the different packs.

If after the introduction, the employer does not wish to proceed or if the applicant reneges for whatever reason, electricianXchange will provide a credit note for the full amount paid to the fee paying employer. Acess to the credit note request is via your employer - My Account / Want Electricians menu tab. To avail of this, the employer must request a credit note within 48 hours of the jobseeker commencing work. For 1st year apprentices (given very few technical skills to assess on) we will extend the credit note policy for up to 4 weeks until after the 1st year apprentice has started work.

Any questions about how to avail of this can be directed to us on 1300 353 364 or via email at