With electricianXchange I know that with NECA being involved I'd get quality tradesmen to do the work for me. With labour hire companies you don't know what sort of background they are coming from and what skill sets they have and I feel comfortable using electricianXchange. The administration and the work put in by us for the electricians took minimal amount of time. This was advantageous to our business as it allowed us to be able to do other things we needed to do.

    Simon Moore

    Managing Director, Fine Tune Communications Pty Ltd


    We urgently needed about 10 A Grade electricians having come into a lot of work for big jobs. Using electricianXchange was quite fast and we got the employees we needed within the week. So it was a really good experience. Compared to labour hire companies, electricianXchange was a very cost effective program to use. It was really easy to access and being backed by NECA meant that it was trustworthy.

    Isabelle Smith

    HSE / Office Administration Manager


    The best feature I found with electricianXchange was the rate being set so you negotiated a discount off an offer rate already set. So I find usually getting to a rate hard work. With electricianXchange it is set already and we negotiate a discount from there, which was great. I also found it very easy to set up the ad, put in our bid and then interact off the website. So I found the electricianXchange website easy to use. And being backed by NECA and specifically for the electrician trade, I found it saved me a lot of time.

    Chris Fenwick

    Managing Director, Kane and Co Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd


    When I applied for my job there was no digital platform. I now see that the way of the future is through digital platforms like electricianXchange.

    Peter Manakis

    Managing Director, PLM Electrics Pty Ltd


    electricianXchange was designed by contractors, for contractors. Our contractors said they needed something to make it easier for them to do business with each other. So we created electricianXchange..

    James Keegan

    Director, NECA Victoria