Government VEU Program Light Changeover

Company Name: Silicon Lighting

Industry: Renewable Energy,Government & Defence,Electrician

Location: Abbotsford

Category : Domestic Electrician,Commercial Electrician,Any

Experience : Experience will suit the job description set below

Selling points of role: Jobs offering flexibility, Government sector roles, Jobs in a fast growing industry, Residential Role offered, Enjoy huge variety and massive job satisfaction

Position: Any

Salary: 50/hr +GST

Job Description:

Silicon Lighting is looking for A Grade Electricians to work on free lighting upgrade under the Victorian Government VEU scheme to start immediately! 

About the role:

Attend appointments and swap the old incandescent or CFL Light globe to LED light Globes, in addition to swapping downlights under the government energy efficiency program.

All globes are screw or bayonet fittings, the job is easy and relaxing with high pay. Pay is 50/hour from the time you arrive at the first appointment of the day until you finish the last appointment of the day. You will be working anywhere between 8-10 hours per day Monday to Friday, Weekends and Public holiday work available too if you want to work on those days. 

Stock will be provided and delivered to your work site, in addition to collecting the old globes back from you.


Must have current Victorian A Grade Licence and REC (Contractors License)

Must have own transportation (preferably Van or Ute) and be able to travel all of Melbourne metro areas.


Call Richard 0449 822 252 or email