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This podcast discusses Asgar's electrical contracting journey, what made Asgar get into business, the joys & challenges of running a business, how's work been given the COVID-19 situation and any guidance he could provide to other REC's who may be doing it tough in this new environment faced.

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    Asger Hardt, REC, Director, Dancraft Electrical Solutions - An REC's journey - what works & what doesn't

If you have already qualified as an A Grade Electrician its not that difficult getting your electrical contracting license. Hear the story of Joseph Sicura, a Victorian based REC on his business journey over a 9 year working period.

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    Joseph Sicura, Registered Electrical Contractor, eBuilt Electrics - Story of a qualified Electrician & REC on his business journey

Have there been times at work when you've said to yourself - wouldn't it be better if - to a particular pain point, you and others around you have faced?

That pretty much is the start of creativity and innovation - towards something better - a new product or a process which addresses the pain point.

But how many of us take this though and convert that into a new product in our spare time, experiment with it till there is a solution, get a patent for it, determine the broader market for it and then try to earn some money from it? 

We've all got this within us - and here is a way to learn how someone else, in this case Jason Twyman, did it.

Have a listen to this great podcast on an electrician innovator and his journey.


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    Jason Twyman, Electrician, Innovator, MD - Make Safe Connector - An electrician's inspiring innovation story

Mental health as it relates to electricians & electrical workers is not discussed as much as it should. It is as serious as any physical health related issues, yet is not getting much acknowledgement. In the UK there is a separate organisation called Electrical Industries Charity which cateres to this very topic as it relates to UK electricians & electrical workers. Is it time something like this was thought about for Australia? 

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    Tessa Ogle, MD - Electrical Industries Charity, UK - Mental health as it applies to electricians

Floating solar takes advantage of latent water assets - whether it’s for water utilities or for industrial / domestic pool owners. It is a growing sub-segment for solar. Ray, MD electricianXchange interviews Gavin Hodgins, CEO Floatpac Solar on the opportunities this creates.  


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    Gavin Hodgins, CEO FloatPac Solar - Floating Solar - Opportunities

This podcast follows a post on electricianXchange's FaceBook page (https://www.facebook.com/electricianXchange.com.au) on why we should not focus on things we have no control over  (like the economy, jobs potentially being lost) focusing rather on things we have within our control. This podcast gleans through Dean's experience how he is adopting this philosophy as owner of his business.

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    Dean Spicer, MD RECIPS - Making the most with what you have

During COVID19 the Australian government released a set of incentives for employers and individuals economically impacted. This podcast, through an interview of Vu Nguyen, Managing Partner of Chartered Accounting firm Tax Store Brunswick, seeks to explore what it is which is available and how one can get access to this. In addition to the podcast is an on-line tool developed (found at https://www.electricianxchange.com/stimulus-flow-intro which allows you to see what incentive apply to you and how to access this. 

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    Vu Nguyen, Partner Tax Store Brunswick - Incentives during COVID19